General Information

Our mission



We offer precise, reliable and personalized logistics solutions to our customers through our professional staff.


Our goal





Our goal is to become the number one logistics choice in the region by employing the best professionals and continuously developing our services.


Our values






15 years of professional background

Precision, reliability, foreseeability

Comprehensive logistics support

Extensive international business relationships

Central European headquarters (Budapest, Hungary)



ATS Ltd in numbers


Air freight                                600 – 700 freights/year

Express delivery service          500 – 600 packages/year

Sea freight LCL                        more than 2500 freights/year

Sea freight FCL                        2500 TEU/year

Ground freight                         hundreds of domestic and international freights/year

Insurance                                1000 – 1100 insurance policies/year

Storage                                   storing and moving more than 35000 cbm of goods/year




Logistics in Europe



Hungary is located in the heart of Europe. Thanks to its central situation, Hungary is able to fulfill the logistical needs of the whole continent, not only the neighboring countries. Besides the geographical conditions, the region’s highly developed logistics and telecommunications network also poses a significant economic potential.


Budapest is the perfect choice for collecting, storing and transporting goods, since all the international airways are represented on its airport, while thanks to Koper’s proximity any port of the world is easily within reach from here.


Hungary is a transit country, with a road structure designed for large scale logistics. This is our main competitive advantage, that enables us to support all the countries in the region, such as Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia, Austria, Ukraine, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.