About Us

Adam Transport Services Ltd. (ATS)


Message from the CEO


Our long term success is based on two factors: offering flexible services and working with the right people. Each of our clients has got different needs, that require unique logistics solutions instead of standard core services, therefore a highly professional staff and extensive international business relations are essential.”

László Himmer, CEO


About Us


Adam Transport Services Ltd. (ATS) is a modern international logistics company, whose predecessor was founded in 1998 by a domestic investment group. The firm is still operating under Hungarian ownership, with Budapest headquarters.

Our highly professional staff provides comprehensive logistics services with continuous customer support, from the preparations (e.g.: clarifying incoterms and other technical issues) to the administrative follow-up.

With one and a half decades of logistics experience we can offer truly personalized solutions to our customers, taking all the possible routes and means of transport into consideration. We handle business interests in a flexible and reliable manner, while fully complying with all the rules and regulations, and always seeking for the most efficient solution. We have extensive business relations at European airports (Frankfurt, London, Istanbul, etc.) and sea ports (Hamburg, Gdynia, Koper, etc.) as well.

Thanks to our many years’ professional experience, we can choose the optimal route considering urgency and cost efficiency for any kind of consignment. We can precisely calculate the transit time in advance, depending on the relation and the means of transport, so that our customers can confidently scheme ahead. We closely track the movement of the goods, and continuously inform our customers about it, thereby minimizing the possible risk factors, that may result in delays or additional costs. Whenever it is possible, we work ahead, in order to make all the processes smooth and predictable.